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If you want to manage your affiliate link more conveniently from a single place, this article is for you. It will help to boost commissions and sales.
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How Centralized Affiliate Link Management can Boost Your Earning?

If you want to manage your affiliate link more conveniently from a single place, this article is for you.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to earn money online. However, Marketers often encounter problems while managing affiliate links. If you are on WordPress, you may know many of the plugins that can cloak and control affiliate links. However, In most cases, it doesn't allow you to control the links for other websites. But, How it would be if you had a solution that helps to handle all affiliate links from a central place? In this article, You will know about this possibility and a very real solution.

How to Control All Affiliate Links from a Single Place?

There may be some affiliate plugins for WordPress or other CMS to do this job. However, The best solution is to use a different platform to do it. For example, You can use link shorteners like Bitly or TinyURL. But, These are not better than a self-hosted solution. Here are the best ways to manage affiliate links from a single place.

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1. Use Your Own Self Hosted Affiliate Link Shortener and Cloaker [Best Solution]

The best option is your own affiliate link management web application. However, As it is very technical to make one, you can consider our service or any other third-party services. We have built an affiliate link management tool that has the following features.

  • Link Shortener and Cloaker
  • Time-Based Affiliate Link Redirect
  • Click Tracker
  • Location Tracker
  • Modify Affiliate Link
  • Unlimited Links

Here the best feature is a time-based affiliate link redirect. For example, You are earning by referring many products on your websites. But, In specific seasons like Black-Friday, Cyber Monday or new year, the vendor may offer excellent discounts with different affiliate links. As you have a lot of software, it will be tough for you to update all the links one by one on all of your websites. But, Our link management web app can help you. It allows you to set affiliate links for specific times. For example, when it is Black-Friday, it will automatically redirect to the black-Friday deal, for the new year, to the new-year deal page. There is no better solution you can use than this.

Else, You can track clicks, the clicker's location, IP, etc. Also, there is no limitation on how many short affiliate links you can create.

To get this service, feel free to contact us.

2. Bitly or Other Third-Party Link Shorteners

You can achieve similar benefits from bitly or other similar services. But, For branded links, you will have to pay a lot. If you use their bitly domain, your sales may fall. Because in many cases, bitly or other short URLs get blocked. So, It is not a very wise option.

3. WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin can help to solve this problem. However, You still won't get as many benefits as a self-hosted one. Why? Because plugins slow down a website and also it doesn't allow to management links from one place in most cases.

Note: If you are an amazon affiliate participant, don't use any shortening service to cloak affiliate links. Because It is against Amazon's policy.